Looking at movies as “sculpting in time” provides a very useful way of looking at this art form, especially for those hoping to create good movies.

“Sculpting in time” is a unique and original theory. Beyond this, however, Tarkovsky has many insights into the process of making movies.

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A note from the author.

“Is it sculpting in time? Or is it sculpting time, the audience’s time?” Shawn asks. “Tarkovsky’s notion that creating movies is a kind of sculpting…with time as the basic material…may be one the most interesting ideas about the work of creating movies. I look forward to reflecting more on his thought as I study his work. His movies definitely require more than one viewing.”

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How does this introduction aid students?

  1. It selects from among Tarkovsky’s notes in Sculpting in Time to introduce only the most important themes.
  2. It re-arranges the presentation topically, following the stages of movie production.
  3. It contains observations, reflections, suggestions or criticisms of Tarkovsky.
  4. It concludes with a consideration of the movie storylines and issues tackled by Tarkovsky in his style.