I am thrilled to announce that I am publishing an original story called, “Rubato.” The book will be released in January 2013 in both eBook and print editions!

Rubato (a musical term) is a creator’s gift to the artist. When the composer uses “rubato”, the musical score calls for the artist to improvise. Said to be “robber’s time” because the artist steals time from the creator’s underlying theme to impose his own order briefly, one that may be entirely at odds with the rest. It is the musical complement to Carnival…where, for a brief time, breaking the rules is celebrated not punished.

SYNOPSIS: During the annual mid-summer Carnival celebrations, Rita Fiedler, a married, mid-30s ambitious real estate agent, accepts a strange client masquerading as Mark Baker, a wealthy bachelor. While viewing an expensive property, the shadowy client turns the tables. He sells Rita on joining him in an unusual erotic adventure in harmony with the Carnival spirit. Under pressure to make the sale, anxious about aging, disappointed in herself for letting work and routine rule her life, and inexplicably attracted by the stranger’s charm, Rita finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into the Carnival’s dangerous side. Meanwhile, a serial rapist nicknamed Dapper Dan terrorizes the city…sometimes masquerading as Mark Baker. Will Rita escape in time? Or will she pay the ultimate price for embracing stolen time?

In other news …

“The Great Darkening” update

I have completed my first draft of the narration for “The Great Darkening“. My principal focus in the New Year will be finishing the final draft. After the final draft is complete, I will be using the narration to create an exciting short novella which will be available as an eBook. Keep your eyes on ShawnSwanky.com for updates on this project! In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance, you can support “The Great Darkening” by liking our page on Facebook. Every “like” helps us prove there is an audience for this important project.

How you can watch my short films online

The short films I wrote and directed between 2006 and 2012 are now online and can be found in my channel at YouTube. I have also been adding exclusive music clips and interviews to my channel. Don’t want to miss anything? Take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

How you can connect with me!

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Happy holidays everyone!

– Shawn