The last three months have been busy! I’ve published 2 books, The Great Darkening project has made the news and I’ve created some exciting treats to share with everyone on Let me bring everyone up to speed.

What’s happening with me right now

“The Great Darkening” project

In May, I co-published “The True Story of Canada’s ‘War’ of Extermination on the Pacific” with my father. The research and structure of this 500 page book is the backbone of the feature-length documentary I’m working on entitled, The Great Darkening. You can buy the book through my store right here.

Two articles were recently published about The Great Darkening project. The first was a story about the documentary by the video blog, Vepoch. You can read the full story: here.

The second was a feature about the book in Victoria’s Focus magazine, written by Rob Wipond. You can read the full story: here.

“Golden Streams, Dangerous Dreams” book

GSDD ebook

In June, I published the second edition of my short novella, “Golden Streams, Dangerous Dreams.”  Here is an excerpt from the back cover:

Will the Anderson brothers discover Jim Richmond’s buried treasure and emerge from the gold rush rich as princes? Will the innocent Thomas be pulled along as his older brother takes ever bigger and increasingly more questionable risks? Will Paul realize his dream or go mad as it consumes him? Will the constable arrive in time to save Claire, Jim’s fiancée, from becoming a gold rush casualty at Paul’s hand? Among the conflicting personal dreams here, there is also an ever deepening conflict between different visions of what makes a human being rich, truly rich, and about “…what it takes” to become rich. It is this conflict that might kill Thomas, or let him emerge from Devil’s Canyon a rich man.”

The book is perfect for a light read. You can buy both the eBook through my website’s store. Or, if you are an Apple user, you can pick up the eBook directly from the iBookstore for only $2.99.

Sneak preview of what’s next

“The Great Darkening” screenplay

In Winter and Spring 2012 the majority of my time was spent finishing “Canada’s ‘War’ of Extermination on the Pacific” with my father, and executing a redesign of Now, for the rest of Summer 2012 I am thrilled to resume work on the screenplay for The Great Darkening. My time away from the script has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the story and generate new ideas, which I’m excited to put to work.

“Golden Streams, Dangerous Dreams” soundtrack

Ever since the movie version of GSDD premiered in 2005, people have been asking me where they could purchase a copy of Ryan de Kleer’s amazing soundtrack. And so, Ryan and I have finally re-opened the music files and begun work on shaping a track listing.  The album will be available for purchase on in the coming months.

The short films of Shawn Swanky

The Short Films of Shawn Swanky

Throughout the summer I will be premiering on four short films that I produced and directed, complete with my notes on the films. Keep your eyes on to learn more and watch the movies!